Local focus, global strength

Employee Value Proposition

Our medium sized company is a subsidiary of Ameropa, a Swiss based family owned international agri-business. We are proud of our Australian heritage which has given Ameropa Australia its depth of knowledge and success in the local market.

What we look for in our employees

  • Energetic and focused on continuous improvement
  • Dedicated to delivering the best customer experience
  • From diverse backgrounds representing the communities we live and work in
  • Committed to fulfilling our mission and living our values

People who do what they promise to do, and who get the job done safely.

What we offer our employees

  • Match the job with your capabilities
  • Positive connections with colleagues and supervisors
  • Support work and life demands
  • Develop skills and advance careers
  • Fair pay and benefits
  • Environmental, social and corporate responsibility

We work hard to ensure that our people understand our business and culture, enjoy their jobs, feel valued, have a good work-life balance, provide fair and ongoing employment opportunities, and meet our corporate responsibilities.